Monday, October 6, 2008

the cooper young festival and plans for the future

I am really going to try to be better at blogging regularly. I think it has taken me months of reading other artsy-crafty blogs to realize that my blog posts don't have to be so long! So my new plan is to post more, but shorter!

The Cooper Young Festival was a few weeks ago. It was a HUGE success! I sold 27 paintings at the festival and during the week after the festival. I never imagined I would do so well! Here is a picture of one of my favorite pieces I had there. I liked it so much, I even put it on my business cards! It was one of the ones that sold. It is titled "Jealousy" and is 4X4
Now I am working on stuff to restock my Etsy store! I had planned on putting all of the stuff I didn't sell at the festival in there, but I didn't have a whole lot left! Right now I have about 9 canvases in various stages of completion lying and propped around my studio. I really got a lot done over the weekend! Some of these will be going on etsy and some of them are for the show that I haven't gotten yet :) I figured it would be good to have about half of them done before I start trying to find a gallery for my first REAL show. Everything is turning out beautifully so far!
My kids are out of school for the next two weeks on fall break. I love it when the kids are home, but I don't get as much done. They are, however, going to visit their grandparents in the country for a few days, so I will probably be able to catch up then.
We bought a new camera! Finally! I haven't played with it much, but once I figure out how to use it, I will be posting a LOT more art pics.
I think I might pull my stuff outside, it is a beautiful day here in Memphis. There is nothing like painting messy outside :)