Monday, November 1, 2010

a fresh start

fall is always a time of introspection for me. the one festival i do every year is in mid-september. once it is done, i always feel a little lost. i spend the summers working hard to create the art i sell in my booth, and after it is done, i always spend a lot of time recharging and thinking about what direction i will go in the coming months. one of the things i decided this year is that this blog is important to me. i know it has been quite a while (over a year, in fact!) since i've written, and i have resolved to be a better blogger. i have lots of ideas for things to write about, but sometimes i need a little push, so i decided to sign up for a blogging workshop for the month of november at Sunday Afternoon Housewife. i think that daily prompts might be just what i need to make this blog a daily habit instead of an afterthought!

today's prompt involved looking at other artsy crafty blogs and deciding what i like or didn't like about them. i looked at a few new ones with my morning coffee and i am getting a bit of an idea of what i'd like my blog to be. i would like to talk about a couple of blogs that i really enjoy.

first, i'd like to talk about my favorite art blog. ebeckartist is written by my friend elizabeth. we met years ago online, as we are both mothers of twins. in fact, we were both members of an email loop, with a bunch of other mothers of twins. caring for twin babies is about as difficult as it sounds, and no one gets that as much as another mother of twins. this group was very important to my sanity during my childrens' early childhood. i love elizabeth's blog. it is a fun mix of art, family, and inspiration. i love reading about her life, seeing the art she is doing, and i love her wit. reading her blog inspires me to get in the studio and create! i highly recommend it :)

one of the assignments for today's prompt was to look at several new (to me) art blogs. i looked at a few random ones and then decided to look up the blogs of several specific artists whose art i admired or had some sort of connection to. i recently participated in an art card swap for cloth paper scissors magazine. contributors to the magazine were asked to send in a winter/holiday themed art card for their special "gifts" issue. (i wrote my first article for the magazine this year, which appeared in the july/august issue). those cards appear in an excellent article about turning art cards into greeting cards. i recieved my card in the mail last week! it was created by artist leilani pierson, whose work and articles i have admired for years, so i decided to look up her blog. Studio Gypsy is a lovely mix of photography, poetry, and, of course, art! i will be adding it to my "to read" list for sure!

i am really looking forward to developing my blog further! writing has always been a passion of mine, before i ever even considered being an artist, and i am very excited to explore combining my two loves!


yogurt said...

Twin moms rock!

Gloria said...

Well it looks like you have a good start to blog about what you like. Just go with the flow, enjoy yourself. Take care.